I made Satan cry

Just another English Major
13 September 1984
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Umm... I hate doing these kind of things.

I like to read. In high school I fell in love with the Beats. I wanted to be Jack Kerouac and go on the road with all of the awesome people he hung out with. Allan Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Carolyn Cassady. I also dig Joyce, Dante, Stephen Chbosky, Mark Z. Danielewsky, Virginia Woolf, William Blake, Jeffrey Eugenides and a bunch of other people. I have also become a huge fan of Harry Potter. I've been reading a lot of sci-fi and cyberpunk stuff too. Neal Stevenson, William Gibson, Orson Scott Card and Roger Zelazny are some recent examples.

Once, in a room full of people, I was called a Beast.
He was like, "Blanche? She's a beast." He neglected to elaborate.

Roxanne says I'm the Queen of the Nile and I have 3 eels. I don't know what this means, but hell, ask Roxanne if you really care.

"Somebody's gotta suck at life... might as well be you!" - Tabasco

Also, in case anyone was wondering, I'm definitely not Silent Bob. Or Silent Blanche for that matter. In fact, the parallels break down soon after "homo sapien".

I should probably quit asking people to describe me for these bio things, but I never know what to say and what they have to say is usually funnier than what I've got to say, so I guess it's best, really.

General specs? I'm twenty-something with kinda blond hair and I have bad eyesight. I walk a lot and I dance sometimes and I work 40 hours a week. I like lots of things and people and never seem to find time for much of it, so don't feel sad if I seem distant. Usually, I'm just tired.